Twilight is a strikingly beautiful, delicate, very skinny, wise, good-natured, smart, calm, silky-furred, small, dark tortoiseshell and white she-cat with glowing, very pale, almost white, silver eyes.

She is a member of The 3rd Generation Prophecy, her abilities being very enhanced hearing and sight (allowing her to basically have night vision), enhanced agility, and to sense emotions with great accuracy.


Twilight was born to Hikari and Xemnas, with 5 siblings, Phoenix, Lightning, Breeze, Rain, and Snow. She didn't open her eyes right away, but when she did, she wanted to see everything.

Twilight almost immeditely became friends with Layton and Xehanort, and they did everything together.

When the prophecy cats go to the mountians, she listens to the storys of the old days of the Clans.

She and her friends leave the mountians when they all feel they have to meet someone back at the loner lands.

She and the toms meet Luke, and they seem to have become good friends.

The cats later go back to the mountians.

She is sad when Inkheart disapears with Mistfang to save Fennelkit.

Twilight starts to realize she feels alone, and begins to listen to the cats. It is then her enhanced hearing is revealed.

She later became an apprentice.


Twilight is terribly excitable. She's prone to sudden mood swings, ground-slamming, shouting, and when she is being thoughtful she tends to trail off her sentences.

But she is also very strict, and unafraid to take control of a situation. With her beautiful looks and strong personality she has no trouble getting what she wants out of toms.

She has an overwhelming sense of humor and is constantly cracking jokes. Underneath, however, she's very emotional, and prone to panicking and losing her temper. She has no problem throwing quiet death threats into everyday conversation.


  • She has a small crush on Xehanort.


TwilightTwilight in real life.

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