Twisterpaw is a large, muscular, fluffy, sleek, well-groomed, slender, long-legged, stormy, long-haired, thick-pelted, broad-shouldered, tempermental, aggressive, gray tabby, brown tabby, and pale blue tabby she-cat with light mottling on her back, heavy mottling on her legs, paws, chest, underbelly, muzzle, and the underside of her tail, one white paw, large, pointed ears, soft, whispy, windblown fur, and intense, brilliant, pale, bright, stormy, shadowy, sky-blue eyes.

She is an apprentice in DawnClan. Her mentor is Fushigiheart.

She is a member of The 3rd Generation Prophecy. Her powers are to create violent storms (usually tornadoes), to control the wind, and to turn intangible if she stands still for more than a minute (after she is intangible, she is intangible for a minute at a time).


Twisterkit is born to Powderfleck and Kuroblade with one sibling, Cottonkit. She is the only Star Cat in the litter.

She quickly becomes friends with Miku.

She is later apprenticed. Her mentor is Fushigiheart.


Though she is tempermental, aggressive, and stormy, she is also friendly and kind.

She often tries to act professional and polite instead of letting cats hear who she truly is.



Powderfleck - Living


Kuroblade - Living


Cottonkit - Living


Cloudchase - Living, member of CloudClan

Skye - Living


Tigerstrike - Living, member of MysticClan


Keimeiflight - Living

Fushigiheart - Living

Senkoulight - Living

Tallowheart - Living, member of TimeClan

Brindlestone - Living


Hayaifeather - Living

Chiribirch - Living

Buckbeak - Living, member of PearlClan

Fangstorm - Living, member of TimeClan

Silentcall - Living


Hedwig/Owlpaw - Living, member of PearlClan

Lupin/Mooneyes - Living, member of PearlClan

Nightningalepaw - Living, member of TimeClan

Stormpaw - Living, member of TimeClan

Cherrypaw - Living

Aquapaw - Living, member of WingClan

Whitepaw - Living

Goldenpaw - Living, member of WingClan


  • Due to Powderfleck being a former loner and Kuroblade having MysticClan and CloudClan blood, she is half-Clan.
  • Her warrior name is confirmed to be Twistersky

Character Pixels


"Hi there. My name's Twisterkit. What's yours?"
-Twisterkit to Miku Prophecy Roleplay

Real Life Image

Twistersky.real Twistersky.wallpaper ~ Wallpaper

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