Umbrastripe is a sleek, muscular, very dark gray (almost black) tabby tom with paler gray paws and chest, stripes on his legs, face, and tail, and bright ruby amber eyes.


Despite his name, meaning "shadow", Umbrastripe is a loyal tom, although he can be a bit of a pessimist. He is mostly calm, but he does tend to get snappy, or get very impatient, and is a good liar. He is usually a light-hearted tom, but then he can be worrisome, and then moody. He strongly believes in StarClan, but will turn his sight on others when he wants to. Umbrastripe is very obedient and devotes himself to the Warrior Code, but won't risk his life for it, and instead do anything to keep himself living. He can be very gullible at times, but will stick to his own beliefs at other times. He is keen to look after himself and how he looks, thus making a few cats call him "pretty-paws". 





Coming soon!



  • As usual, Crys based Umbrastripe loosely off Ruby from Pokemon.

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