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The United Cats of the Forest, an idea insipired by the Volturi from the Twilight Saga, are a group of cats who are immortal and contain several supernatural abilities. They always are on the hunt to collect more cats to their group. They do follow StarClan, but aren't really "clans". They DO have warrior names, though. They are mainly Star Cats whom are now also Vampire Cats. All of the United Cats have evil-seeming red eyes.

They have 3 parts of the group: The Ancients (Not to be confused with the book series Ancients), The Health, and The Guard.

There can be 5 leaders, also called the Ancients. Each Ancient has an Ancient Mate, and, if the Mate produces kits, the strongest tom will be the sucessor of the father. The Ancients never fight, but will go to a death ceremony where the Guard kills cats, as the Healers also do. There is always one "main" leader. The main leader currently is: Vampirestar. Specific eye color is blood red.

There can be 10 members of the Health, all known as Healers. Healers may have a Health Successor (an apprentice). These cats heal The Guard, and rarely The Ancients, if the Ancients are injured. Specific eye color is amber with flecks of green, as they use and eat herbs.

There can be unlimited members of The Guard. They do the killings. They always destroy rulebreakers or force them to become members of the Guard. Specific eye color is dark reddish-brown with blood red flecks.

There are rules all Supernatural Cats (Star Cats and Vampire Cats) must follow that the United Cats enforce:

  1. You cannot reveal your immortality to mortals.
  2. You cannot create a kit vampire or immortal. They are extremely dangerous.
  3. Creating an army to destroy a certain cat(s) is not tolerated.
  4. Do not purposely try to kill yourself. That's the United Cat's jobs, and it offends them.

Break them and you must either explain, join them, or die.

The Members

The Ancients

Vampirestar - handsome, sleek, muscular, jet-black furred tom with a fluffy, plumy, long tail that has blood stains at the tip, slightly reddish paws, possibly from killing cats, and blood-red eyes that gleam with curiousity. Head leader, and has been for thousands of years walking the forest. Has a random personality switch sometimes and will become snappish and fiesty if you say the wrong things to him. 4pinkbear

Mate: Honeysuckle - graceful, fluffy, beautiful honey-colored she-cat with creamy white spots on her forehead and blood red eyes with very rare flecks of silver, gold, and amber. Once rogue. Mother of Vampirestar's twin kits. 4pinkbear

Honeysuckle's kits are:

Huntresskit - young, clever, fiesty, short-tempered, sleek, elegant, brown she-cat with a black flash on her muzzle right near her nose, dark paws, and yellow eyes with red flecks. 4pinkbear

Medallionkit - handsome, muscular, calm, forgiving, loving, glossy, golden tom with a metallic gleam, dark, shiny, yellow paws and muzzle, and dark amber eyes with red flecks. 4pinkbear

This postition is open!

The Health

Feathertuft - small, long-haired, silver tom with swirling black stripes, a soft, feathery tail, and amber eyes with flecks of green. 4pinkbear.

Health Successor: Gnarledpaw - sleek, handsome, dark-furred, muddy green tom with a sweeping plume of a tail, a slightly twisted paw from a badger stepping on it and twisting it accidently, and amber eyes with flecks of minty-green. 4pinkbear

This position is open!

The Guard

Bladedfur - Unique, large, handsome, soft furred, longhaired, elegant, silver tom with a metallic gleam to his fur, lighter, more pale, gray flecks, a soft, gentle to the touch, nose, a dark grey front, left paw, sharp, retractable, metal spikes sticking out of his fur, large, pointy, ears that curl backwards at the tips, a long, plumy, soft, thick, tail, and dark, curious, reddish-brown eyes that reflect blood red flames. 4pinkbear

Dragonstrike - Unusually large, muscular, sleek, short-tempered, gruff, long-haired, broad-shouldered, cold, secretive, sharp-witted, cruel, apathetic, dominant, haughty, arrogant, aggressive, ambitious, mean, intimidating, intrepid, jet-black, dark fire-red, and dark fire-ginger patched tom with thin, odd-looking, very dark brown stripes like scales, lighter paws, long claws, a long tail, and dark, reddish-brown eyes with large, glowing, strangely-placed blood-red flecks that resemble scales. Saïx.

This position is open!

Roleplay Center

The Discovery of Lavenderheart and the other Star Cats

Vampirestar hissed and pinned down Feathertuft. "You discovered WHAT!?" Darkfire is a very bad kitty-thingy-mer-bobber! :D 18:59, March 5, 2011 (UTC)

Wolfstar padded calmly to his leader. "You mean the discover of other Star Cats than us?" he asked. Darkangel was at his side. "We saw them fighting other cats, but we could not get close enough to ask them who they were," she admitted. Wolfstar sighed. "We were unable to mention this to you, my liege. My apologies," he apologized. ♥Phoenixfeather:Spring is Almost Here!♥ 00:42, March 7, 2011 (UTC)

"You are forgiven, my friend. I would not harm fellow United Cats. However, we will not give these Supernatural threats a second chance, that would ruin our reputation. We will give them two choices: 1. Surrender, or 2. Die. That's the United Cats' way. If we expose ourselves to much to the open, that would be a disaster. Now, wouldn't it, Wolfstar?" Vampirestar meowed. Wolfstar nodded. Darkfire is a very bad kitty-thingy-mer-bobber! :D 00:55, March 7, 2011 (UTC)

"However, we may have difficulty. Not only are there many, but they are strong and ferocious. I saw at least three cats tear throats out without regret. If they did that to us, we may not survive," Darkangel pointed out. ♥Phoenixfeather:Spring is Almost Here!♥ 01:00, March 7, 2011 (UTC)

"No, no, no, Darkangel. We're immortal. A throat ripped out would just reform. I once lost a paw and it grew right back." Vampirestar meowed. Darkangel shuddered. Darkfire is a very bad kitty-thingy-mer-bobber! :D 10:51, March 10, 2011 (UTC)

Darkangle was not yet used to how the cats were immortal. "Well, there was one power that intrigued me. Two of the cats morphed to form a more powerful one, and the Star Cats gave their power to that one, and destroyed a weird-looking tom using a lion made of pure light. The other cats fled for the hills after that," Wolfstar explained. ♥Phoenixfeather:Spring is Almost Here!♥ 12:35, March 10, 2011 (UTC)


Yes, United Cats eat and drink blood. They are an elite group of Vampires. They also have glasses they handcrafted with their powers. Each United Cats member has their own unique glass. The United Cats' guards refill each glass daily themselves.

Cats of the United Cats of the Forest also write stories by gnawing on bones. It's a tradition. Healers write records of the days by gnawing it on a bone. Using their gnawing skills, they can make images that mean certain words, and that's how they keep record of the day.)

"Alrighty, then. Speaking of fights, would you two care for some blood fresh out of the glass?" Vampirestar meowed. His fellow United Cats nodded and went to the Blood Cave, where Pineshade was refilling the glasses with Honeysuckle and Gnarledpaw's help. Feathertuft was observing from the distance, and gnawing a fresh victim's bone, just as Angelsong was. Darkangle shuddered again. "Calm, my dear," Wolfstar meowed to help her. Darkangle nodded and winced when she saw the bodies of the victims. "W-why did you kill them!?" she shrieked. Vampirestar sighed and meowed, "Its the way of life. These cats knew our secret. We gave them a choice of dying or joining us. Only one joined us. It was Gnarledpaw. He looks young, yet we changed him at 6 moons, just yesterday, in fact. He's coping well, actually, despite the fact the victims are his aunt and uncle, who refused our way of life." Vampirestar meowed sadly. Darkangle looked at Gnarledpaw with somewhat sympathy for the young cat's loss. "If a kit wants to join, we wipe their memory out, put them in a Clan's territory, and wait for several moons, come back to them, and return their memory. Then, they join. That's Feathertuft's case." Feathertuft continued with, "Oh yes, indeed, Darkangle. I was a young kit, and my parents were attempting to kill Vampirestar. Foolish them. Vampirestar stored their blood in a jar for me to grow on as I turned into a Vampire." Darkfire is a very bad kitty-thingy-mer-bobber! :D 19:33, March 10, 2011 (UTC)

(Darkangle LOL. It's Darkangel, though the error made me giggle. If anyone remembers Big O, an old anime, WolfXDark is kinda similar to that. Darkangel was a loner but Wolfstar fell in love with her and made her a...yeah.)

Wolfstar rested his tail tip on Darkangel's shoulder. "Don't worry. You won't be harmed," the tom reassured. ♥Phoenixfeather:Spring is Almost Here!♥ 21:54, March 10, 2011 (UTC)


The reason I called her Darkangle is because of a typo you mde in the listings LOL

Windwillow will, sadly, be forced to be a United Cat guard, as well as her slow-growing 3rd litter.)

Darkangel shook her head, fluffing out her fur, and carried on towards the glasses half-full with blood. She lapped it up. "Mmm..." she muffled and kept drinking. "See? Blood isn't bad!" Wolfstar mewed encouragingly. She nodded and continued on. Vampirestar purred and drank his quickly. "Hurry, hurry. We have not enough time. We must seek out Windwillow... I know she's immortal. She's a DawnClan cat with a mortal mate... how sad." he meowed. Lavenderheart here! Give me a shout![4pinkbear's Poll Zone| And don't forget about my polls!]] 22:05, March 10, 2011 (UTC)

(Ohhh...remind me not to edit when I have sugar on hand next time.)

Wolfstar and Darkangel nodded. ♥Phoenixfeather:Spring is Almost Here!♥ 22:15, March 10, 2011 (UTC)

Did Wolfstar turn Darkangel into a Immortal Vampire Cat himself? If not, my mistake in this post. I mentioned that. Tell me if I'm wrong, please!)
Bladedfur snickered and stepped out of the shadows for a drink. His cup was embedded with an amythest and a cracked emerald. Darkangel stepped behind Wolfstar for safety. Wolfstar moved aside so she knew that Bladedfur wouldn't hurt her. "Don't mind Bladedfur, Darkangel. He's really kind once you get to know him. He may seem dark, but that's from being around for more than 300 years. He's my adopted son: I created him. What I mean by 'creating' him, it means I turned him into a vampire using my venom. We all have venom. Darkangel, you were created by Wolfstar, were you not?" Vampirestar mewed. Darkangel hesitated, but then nodded. "I have saved a special cup for you. The Ancients and their mates all have cups made entirely out of gemstones, one gemstone for each cat. I have an elegant ruby cup which I crafted at a volcano, Wolfstar has a beautiful, well-crafted, Saphire Cup with actual saphires from the ocean, I gave Inkstar a dark purple-blue-black rare-colored Aquamarine Cup, as it reflects the fire in his eyes, my mate has an emerald cup from the forest, and Pinkbloom has a Pearl Cup, and finally, my dear friend, I will allow Wolfstar to give you your cup." He meowed. Wolfstar hurried over and pulled out an amythest cup with an emerald rim at the bottom. It glittered in beauty and sparkled. Darkangel's eyes grew wide with shock. "I made it myself, my dear, but I must say my thanks to Vampirestar for letting us use a few of his personal amythests from his collections." Wolfstar mewed. Darkangel purred and licked his cheek, and then went to Vampirestar to thank him. Vampirestar purred. "I know... Honeysuckle was nice enough to let me use the 2nd largest to allow Wolfstar to craft, and Honeysuckle gave Wolfstar the emerald he molded. Bladedfur slunk over to admire the beautiful cup. Inkstar blinked in shock at the magnificent gift. "That's...tremendous." he mewed happily. "Now, let's drink once more. Bladedfur, Feathertuft, Gnarledpaw, please refill the cups." Lavenderheart here! Give me a shout! And don't forget about my polls! 15:18, March 13, 2011 (UTC)

(Yes, Darkangel was turned into a Immortal Vampire Cat by Wolfstar. In the future, I may make a story on Darkangel and Wolfstar. BC)

Darkangel groomed her fur while Bladedfur, Feathertuft and Gnarledpaw refilled the cups. Wolfstar chatted with Pineshade about other possible recruits. She reported there were none at the moment. ♥Phoenixfeather:Spring is Almost Here!♥ 15:26, March 13, 2011 (UTC)

Vampirestar let out a loud yowl of anger. "No NEW RECRUITS!? IMPOSSIBLE! Feathertuft just discovered 50 STAR CATS! The more, the better! I want that Immortal Cat Windwillow and her daughter Eponapaw. Now those two would be easy recruits, using Bladedfur's Hypnosis." he yelled. Pineshade shuddered and looked up into his big red eyes. "Don't just STAND there! Help refill the cups, Pineshade, or you will be left to die in the Death Furnace! That's the conciquence for disobeying my orders. Being a United Cat is fun, too! Just you wait! I have a killing requested for that cat named Lavenderheart. She's an unstoppable force of nature, going through, helping mortal cats with her powers! It's disgusting! That's why we're killing her, and her brother too, or I could recruit them both... Eh, I'll figure this out." Blood glints from his claws... and its name is Bladeshark... 12:41, April 3, 2011 (UTC)

Pineshade filled the cups as fast and as easily as she could. "Easy there, squirt! We don't want any spilled!" Wolfstar spat. "Sorry, sir!" Pineshade whimpered. Wolfstar sighed. "What about Phoenixfeather?" Darkangel asked, lapping the blood from her cup. "We will have to see if she would make a good recruit. If she isn't, then oh, well," Wolfstar answered. Raising his head, he meowed, "May I take Lavenderheart, Vampirestar?" ♥Phoenixfeather:The flowers are blooming...♥ 12:47, April 3, 2011 (UTC)

Dragonstrike padded over to the others with Inkstar, Pinkbloom, and Lilacangel following him.

"Vampirestar, what about Eponapaw's siblings, Cocoapaw, Butterflypaw, Pepperpaw, Seaspraypaw, and Calypsopaw? Should we get them, too?"

Lilacangel sighed. "Butterflypaw seems like a good successor for me," she whispered to herself. Luna LovegoodThe Truthful, Mysterious RavenclawLuna Lovegood 20:15, April 3, 2011 (UTC)

(Teleportationists teleport cats over to a special chamber in United Cave, where the United Cats hold... cats.
Windwillow does become a United Cat, and, sadly, Silentstorm will never see her again...

If you are easily creeped out with vampire cats biting mortal cat's necks, then PLEASE don't read this post.

Vampirestar nearly choked on the blood he was in the process of drinking. "Wh-what!? There's more to the litter!? Perfect. I will get the Venom ready. Bladedfur will be our teleportationist. I ONLY want Windwillow, Eponapaw, Cocoapaw, Butterflypaw, Pepperpaw, Seaspraypaw, and Calypsopaw." His mouth seemed to form a smile as he gritted his teeth to get the Vampire Venom flowing. "Their time as Vampires is now." he meowed as the seven cats appeared. Butterflypaw whimpered. "Where are we?" she squeaked, and pressed close to her mother. "I-I don't know." Windwillow meowed, her normally pale blue eyes becoming a cold amber. Vampirestar grinned and stepped forward, extending his fangs. "How old are you, apprentices? ANSWER ME!" he meowed. "We're t-ten m-moons old, s-sir." Calypsopaw meowed. "Good." with that, Lilacangel stepped out, as well as Honeysuckle, Wolfstar, Darkangel, Bladedfur, and Inkstar, who each had fangs out, dripping with venom that had stored inside them. "You each get one of the apprentice's necks. Fill it with venom and let go. I will get their mother." he snickered, and then they all leaped on them. "NO!" Windwillow screeched as Vampirestar bit down hard with his fangs, using his hefty, large black paws to hold her down as the venom worked. "MOM! NO!" Calypsopaw yowled, but was toppled over by Bladedfur, and was quickly silenced by the vampire cat's venom. Vampirestar kept his hold as Windwillow yowled in pain as the venom scorched through her. Vampirestar could tell: It's how he ended up this way. Her beautiful eyes dulled, turning red. He let go, knowing his work was complete. Windwillow was panting, but he could tell she was one of them, and completely under his control. He was her master. Lilacangel was still gripping Butterflypaw's neck, as to make a Healer, it takes a longer time. Soon enough, her eyes turned amber with emerald-green flecks that seemed to have silver flecks in those flecks, a beautiful she-cat she was. Butterflypaw trembled weakly. Healers are weak at first. Windwillow's eyes began changing back to blue, like as if she had the power to refuse the venom. No! Impossible! I didn't want to do this, as I hate doing this, but I have to bite her neck again. He forced his fangs out again, and bit her even harder. He felt streams of venom flow down her. "PLEASE! STOP!" she screeched, and began to try to shake him off. "KITS! DO SOMETHING!" she yowled. Pepperpaw began running forward, but suddenly stopped in pain. Wolfstar was mentally forcing her to stop, as her siblings were also being forced in place. Vampirestar gave the last bite in the neck as Windwillow's eyes turned reddish-brown, the mark of a Guard. Seaspraypaw was released first, and ran to her mother, her red-brown eyes saddened. Vampirestar beamed in pride. These cats would be very good for the United Cats. Blood glints from his claws... and its name is Bladeshark... 21:53, April 3, 2011 (UTC)

(Er, 4pinkbear, do I have to make my cats Vampire Cats too, or not?)

Wolfstar purred in happiness. "Now we have them!" he meowed. ♥Phoenixfeather:The flowers are blooming...♥ 21:58, April 3, 2011 (UTC)

(Who did Inkstar have?)

Butterflypaw swayed as Lilacangel released her. Gone were her beautiful pale blue eyes; they were now brilliant amber with bright, mint-green flecks and, hidden in the green flecks, small silver flecks. Slowly, her eyes took on a slight bluish tint, similar to the lavender tint in Lilacangel's eyes.

"Now, you're my successor," said Lilacangel calmly in Butterflypaw's ear. Butterflypaw didn't say anything; she just continued to sway. As she was about to collapse, Inkstar and Lilacangel caught her. Butterflypaw blacked out, weakened. Luna LovegoodThe Truthful, Mysterious RavenclawLuna Lovegood 22:17, April 3, 2011 (UTC)

Wolfstar hid his sadness at the young apprentices now Vampire Cats. ♥Phoenixfeather:The flowers are blooming...♥ 11:44, April 4, 2011 (UTC)

Butterflypaw awoke to see a blurry image of an unhappy Lilacangel sorting herbs.

"Oh, Butterflypaw," she said, "you're awake."

The young apprentice blinked a few times to clear her vision, and noticed Pinkbloom, her breathing slightly ragged, sleeping with a tiny kit curled up next to her.

"She had a rough kitting," said Lilacangel, noticing Butterflypaw's look. "But she's fine now. Inkstar came in earlier and named his only son Moonkit." BeautyKindly and helpfulBeauty 17:00, April 9, 2011 (UTC)

Pineshade came in. "Darkangel and her kits are okay," she reported. ♥Phoenixfeather:The flowers are blooming...♥ 18:13, April 9, 2011 (UTC)

Moonkit's reddish-silver eyes fluttered open, showing odd, rare flecks of silver, white, and pale blue. Butterflypaw blinked in suprise.

"That's odd," she mewed to herself. Kate; The Daredevil of AirKate.Wetherall 20:02, May 16, 2011 (UTC)

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