User Council's formatting has been completed. The system is now in action.

Permanent Members

These are the permanent members of the council. Their main jobs are to oversee the wiki, handle any disputes and fix things that seem out of place. They do not run the wiki, only support it, but they still act like the ordinary user, such as RPing, creating character pages, ect.

They also advise the community about certain things, such as new policies and proposals. These will be the only members on the wiki that will stay on the wiki council, unless, they request to be removed from the council completely or to a lower position, or if they remain inactive in excess of six months.

Admin Members

These are the Admin members of the council. Their jobs are similar to those of the permanent members, except they act closer to the community. They have an equal amount of say in things as the permanent members and can advise whether or not their decisions can affect the wiki in a negative way or a positive way. They still act like ordinary users, doing normal tasks.

Like permanent members, they can advise the community about new policies and proposals. However, they have the unique responsibility of getting the community's consent on these policies and proposals. If a member is inactive for more than five months, they will be immediately removed from the council.

Chat Mod/Rollback Members

  • *Shuckle

These Chatmod/rollback members have all the same responsibilites as the other users, except for punishing other users, instead, they give any members that have been acting unorderly warnings.


The members do not share most of the responsibilities as their more experienced peers. Instead, they communicate with the community, fix things that seem out of place, but they have the amount of say as permanent members.

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