Vanitas is a handsome, cold, mischivious, pure black tom with faint white and red stripes flowing through his pelt, soft, spikey, fluffy fur, and calm, pale yellow-orange eyes that shimmer with knowledge.

He is a member of the Organization.


Vanitas was born to Roxas and Xion on a cold, snowy leaf-bare day.

Later, Hikari gets a vision of him being a strong warrior, but doesn't tell anyone.

As he ages to three moons, he asks Riku about his strip of fabric and his eye color.

He later becomes an apprentice to Saïx.

Vanitas later becomes a warrior, and is very excited.

He is one of The Organization's best warriors, having been said so by Xemnas.


Vanitas is cold, calm, proud, and cunning, with a hint of arrogance. He is slightly kinder to his friends, but has a drive to be the best he can be, no matter what the cost for himself.

He is very curious also, wanting to know everything he can about all the cats he meets.


"Well, I was wondering what color your eyes were. You always have that thingy around them, and I'm sure that the color would be nice."

Vanitas to Riku; Organization RPG


  • He is based of the Kingdom Hearts character Vanitas.


VanitaseVanitas real-life~

VanitasHuman Vanitas/Actual Vanitas~

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