Violetheart is a beautiful violet she-cat with blue eyes and soft fur. She is the deputy of CityClan and is roleplayed by Phoenix.


Violetkit was born to Marblestar and Infernoblast, the leader and deputy at the time. Violetkit was denmates with Ghostkit and had a crush on the tom. When they were apprenticed, Violetpaw and Ghostpaw fell in love for real and decided they would be mates.

The two soon got their warrior names, Violetheart and Ghostcloud, and became mates. Violetheart soon mentored Onyxpaw, who later became Onyxnight. Infernoblast was hit by a monster, and Grayoak became deputy. Marblestar lost her last life to a monster as well, and Grayoak became leader, and appointed Violetheart as deputy.

Violetheart and a few other warriors soon discovered monster activity was increasing, and Toastpaw was nearly captured. Violetheart soon sneaked out of camp, and met with the other cats with Linkheart in the mountains. She soon gave birth to Ghostcloud's kits.

She later returns to CityClan, though not much has changed.


Violetheart is normally cold but calm, and has a dark temper to lose. (messing with her = death if she feels like it). She is kind to her friends.



Marblestar - Deceased, Residence Unknown


Infernoblast - Deceased, Residence Unknown


Ghostcloud - Alive


Lilypaw - Alive

Memorypaw - Alive

Butterflypaw - Alive


Graypaw - Alive

Truthpaw - Alive

Chocobopaw - Alive


She is based off Motoko Kusanagi, the star of Ghost in the Shell.


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