Violetleaf is a purple-silver she-cat with a white face and a thick stripe going from above her nose and up her forehead, white tips to her purple-silver fur dark, smoky purple-black marbled tabby stripes and neon purple eyes.

She is the Medicine Cat of WaterClan. She is roleplayed by Wild.


Violet was born to Heart and Jackson as a loner with two siblings, Sabrina and Ezio as a loner.

After six moons of Violet's life, Heart and Sabrina get run over by a monster. Jackson, Violet's father and Ezio, Violet's brother became insane.

When Violet turned seven moons old, her father, Jackson, started to rape Violet. Ezio also raped Violet.

Violet gave birth to four kits, all she-kits, their names where Love, Sabrie, Aria and Hannah.

Ezio and Jackson also raped Violet's daughter and they died.

Jackson gets run over by a monster and Ezio rapes Violet again.

Violet gave birth to only one kit this time, a tom named Reed.

Ezio lets Reed grow to be two moons then kills Reed.

Ezio falls off of a cliff and dies.

Violet finds Blackstar(rose) and Kiteblade(star). She agrees to join HackClan as its medicine cat because she does not want to hurt any living creature.

Violet becomes Violetleaf.

Violetleaf goes to the Moon-Heart with Blackstar(rose) and Kiteblade(star) and Blackstar(rose) gets her nine lives tooken away because she is expecting Kiteblade(star)'s kits and doesnt want to be leader. Blackstar(rose) becomes Blackrose. Kiteblade(star) receives his nine lives and becomes Kitestar.

Violetleaf is given an apprentice, Applepaw.

Violetleaf gives Applepaw her name very early, Appleheart.

Violetleaf gets sad because she wants a real family and kits.

Violetleaf and Blackrose go to "the World" and play there for a little bit.

When Violetleaf and Blackrose get back, Violetleaf yells at Appleheart and tells her that her full name will get tooken away the next night, when Violetleaf and Appleheart go to the Moon-Heart.

Violetleaf and Appleheart go to the Moon-Heart after Blackrose has her kits, Crookedkit, Lovekit, Mistkit and Nightkit.

Appleheart gets named Applepaw once again.

Violetleaf gives Crookedkit poppy seeds for his severe pain and says that comfrey isnt the cure for everything and that Crookedkit's bones would stay permadently broken.

Violetleaf then runs to her den and cries. After that she tells herself to become emotionless and that her kits, sister and mother will never come back.

Violetleaf then goes to the nursery and requests a new name for Crookedkit, Brokenkit and says that Crookedkit is broken and will never be fixed.

Violetleaf leaves HackClan with Brokenkit(now Brokenpaw), Flowerbloom(bird), Glorykit, Talonkit(renamed), Mosspaw(cloud) and Greenspark.

In WaterClan, she nearly tried to overthrow all of WaterClan, along with Spotpaw and Brokenpaw. They failed miserably, and Spotpaw was killed. She and Brokenpaw were put on trial, and spared for the time being.


In her first six moons of life, Violetleaf is very bubbly, happy and playful. After that Violetleaf becomes very introverted, shy, quiet and timid. After Violetleaf joins HackClan, she is less introverted and more calm and depressed.


"I want to request a new name for Crookedkit. Brokenkit. He is broken and will never be fixed."
-Violetleaf to Kitestar and Blackrose about Brokenkit in HackClan roleplay.



Heart - Deceased, Residence Unknown


Jackson - Deceased, Residence Unknown


Sabrina - Deceased, Residence Unknown


Ezio - Deceased, Residence Unknown


Aria - Deceased, Residence Unknown

Sabrie - Deceased, Residence Unknown

Hannah - Deceased, Residence Unknown

Love - Deceased, Residence Unknown


Reed - Deceased, Residence Unknown



Appleslice - Alive, HackClan


  • Violetleaf wants to have kits, but no one will love her after she tried to overthrow WaterClan.
  • Violetleaf wishes that Ezio and Jackson died first instead of Sabrina and Love.
  • Wild says that she was lucky to remain medicine cat, but will soon receive a frightening prophecy signaling the end of her.

Real Life Images:

Cat Form Real Life Image:

Aa Violetleaf

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