Violetshadow is a very pale gold she-cat with light violet ears, paws, and tail, and a slightly darker violet eyes. She is roleplayed by 4pinkbear.


Violetkit is born to Birdstar in her final litter with one sibling, Everlastingkit.

Everlastingkit dies the day they are supposed to become apprentices. Violetpaw recieves Icefeather as her mentor.

Violetpaw trains very hard, catching her first prey, a fat, juicy, pigeon easily.

Violetpaw trains for an additional 3 moons to make sure she is deserving to be a warrior.

Violetpaw becomes Violetshadow.

Flamestar dies after Dustheart gives him a death blow.

Robinstar becomes the new leader.

Violetshadow is at Mudpad and Stonestep's side at the apprentice battle practice when she witnesses Hazelkit's death. She brings the deceased kit, who was killed by Robinstar, back to camp to tell Birdstar.

Rockclaw shows disbelief that Violetshadow didn't kill it herself. Birdstar is seen comforting her.

Robinstar kills Darkgaze, her mentor's mate. Icefeather is in a deep shock.

Robinstar is seen at a Gathering. Violetshadow gets angry with him and she gets injured brutally by him.

Violetshadow dies by the time they get back to camp. This is the cause of Icefeather running away and getting captured, which was the beginning of the war with DuskClan.

Robinstar dies, yet goes to StarClan.

Violetshadow realises Robinstar didn't intentionally mean to kill her. She looks into the past to see a shadowy aura around him, recognizing it as Tigerstar's. She and Robinstar become the first StarClan mates.

They have a single kit, Maplekit.

Maplekit, sadly, is sent to DawnClan to be cared by Icefeather.

Violetshadow is seen crying when Robinstar is suddenly reincarnated after Birdstar's death.

Violetshadow is seen distressed in a dream sent to Robinclaw, her mate's reincarnation.

When Birdheart, Birdstar's reincarnation, dies, all of the reincarnation's former spirits are released eternally back into StarClan.

She and Robinstar join the Greatest Battle.

She is the one who helps bring Frostwhisker to StarClan.

She witnesses Lavenderheart and Faolanwolf's warrior ceremonies and meets her daughter, Maplewish, for the "first" time.

She, Frostwhisker, and Thrushwing, all fight in the Prophecy Battle.

When Maplewish dies, she fights alongside her mother in the Prophecy Battle, getting revenge on the cat who had killed her. Robinstar at first disapproves of Maplewish's death, but then allows her to fight.

She and Robinstar possess Windwillow temporarily to keep the new immortal she-cat under control.

Violetshadow returns to life temporarily as Violetrose, a member of CloudClan expecting Robinstar's second litter. Unfortunetly, she dies again, protecting her three kits. two of them die with her, with Hikari surviving and becoming a CloudClan cat.

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