Wandering Soul is a mysterious, half-faded, wandering shadow-colored cat with steel-gray eyes, a jutting, jet black muzzle, no paws, it just floats around wanderously without paws, and a raspy, hoarse, dark voice that usually warns of a disaster or some sort of terrible event.

Wandering Soul often hides in the shadows, and only glimpses of it are rarely seen. You cannot tell its gender, but see below for details.

4pinkbear is holding a contest, in which you can enter once. You have to guess which one of 4pinkbear's deceased characters has become a Wandering Soul after a long time. You can have up to 5 guesses, but they must all be in one post. It must be posted on the talkpage. There is a hidden prize, too. There is a riddle on the Talk Page!

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