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~Welcome to Warrior Cats Roleplay Wiki~
Home to the finest Warrior RPG around!

Warrior Cats Roleplay is a fun roleplaying site where you can make a cat and place it in one of our clans! If you want, you can even make your own clan!

Warrior Cats Roleplay Wiki inspires creativity. We allow any color cat (with reason), any kind of clan. Various examples of creative clans are CloudClan, RainbowClan, and our most infamous: DawnClan. Have fun.

Note: Please remember to read Rules of WCRW. Thank you! :)

Here's a message from our founder!

Destiny, wiki founder!
"Welcome to the Warrior Cats Roleplay Wiki! After I was told that I couldn't Roleplay in my blog on the Warriors Wiki, I created this. And I welcome members of the Clan that I created this for. But it isn't just for them, it's for everybody! And I allow countless numbers of Clans. I just ask that you keep track of them. Now, if you are lost or anything, go to the main pages talk page, or talk to me or our admins. You can also go to some of the other bereaucrats, such as. Birdpaw, LunaDiviner7, Meadowwind5, Cottonfur, and Shadowed Crystal. So, make yourselves comfortable. But don't forget about Warriors Wiki! Enjoy!"


This Wiki needs more active users so that it can stay as one of the best Warriors Roleplay wiki!

For all those who haven't, please join and help make Warrior Cats Roleplay Wiki the great wiki it was once before.


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November 4th, 2013 – Construction

Warrior Cats Roleplay Wiki is currently under construction and is in need of more active users, so please help out! If you are interested in revamping this wiki, contact any of the admins and you'll most likely take a spot in making this wiki a better place. Have fun!

November 16, 2014 - Project Character Art

Interested in making art for your characters? Feel free to join Project Character Art today! Anyone can join.

--crys i'm too young to go to frog jail!

Featured Clan/User/Warrior

DawnClan was the first clan ever featured on the site. It was seen as Modern ThunderClan at a Warriors Wiki Blog, but it was shut down and taken to this site, founded and created by Destiny Calling, who no longer regulates the site, so to join DawnClan you now have to request it from LunaDiviner7. It is clearly the best, and most roleplayed in, clan on the entire site.

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Russetstar is a tall, russet and white tabby tom with amber eyes.

He doesn't care for the social life, and will do anything to keep out of trouble. Russetstar isn't the loudest cat in the clan, nor is he absolutely silent...

Read on to learn more!

Quote of The Week

"You're wrong, Shadowfeather, and you always have been."

––Icestar, DawnClan RP

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