Waterpaw is a beautiful, delicate, tiny, lithe, long, silky, smooth, sleek, glossy furred, mottled blue-gray she-cat with pale green eyes flecked with bright green.

She is roleplayed by Aspen.


Waterkit is born to Goosemeadow and Clawedpelt in BrookClan with two siblings, Cherrykit and Talonkit and three adopted siblings, Firekit, Antkit and Otterkit.

Firekit tackled Waterkit and they talk about Firekit becoming a apprentice the next day and how every cat in BrookClan wants the leader, Heatstar, to be there mentor.

Her adopted brothers, Firekit, Antkit and Otterkit are made apprentices.

After BrookClan falls apart, she becomes a loner with other former BrookClan cats.

When she joins WaterClan, she is named Waterpaw. Her mentor is the newly named Firesmoke.


Waterpaw is very calm, smart, happy, caring and loving.



Goosemeadow - Alive, WaterClan


Clawedpelt - Alive, StreamClan


Cherrypaw - Alive, StreamClan


Talonpaw - Alive, StreamClan


Quailthorn - Alive, WaterClan

Adopted Brothers:

Firesmoke- Alive, WaterClan

Antpaw - Residence Unknown

Otterpaw - BrookClan


None yet.


  • Her warrior name will be Waterdawn.
  • She will be mates with Firesmoke.
  • She wished that her warrior name would have been Waterfire or Waterflame for Firepaw.

Real Life Image

A Waterkit

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