Waterlily is a blue-gray she-cat with yellow eyes.

She is a warrior of SpottedClan


Waterlily was born to Gingersplash (Mother) and Reedwhistle (Father) with three other siblings, Lightkit, Poolkit, and Splashkit. All of them were she-cats except for Lightkit, who was ugly, and she teased him all the time with her sisters. Lightheart who was desperate to prove himself, often performed risky and careless tricks in front of she and her sibling, laughing loudly at the times he failed, which was often.

When her six moons came she became an apprentice along with her sisters, yet she thought Lightheart shouldn't be allowed to progress through the clan until he could prove that he deserved it. By the end of Waterlily's training, they became so obnoxious he took a walk in the woods. He met Savagestar of SavageClan, who sought himself to murder the cat, yet he was not successful.

When Fawnpaw was patching him up, they formed a bond and repetedly got fresh-kill for him, fresh moss, and even water.

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