Whispershade is a small, slender, slightly fluffy, silver tabby she-cat with a white chest, muzzle, paws, underbelly, and tail-tip, delicate paws, in which the left forepaw one has a lavender-colored sun mark on its pad, and glittery, elegant, blue eyes with tiny, shimmery emerald-and-amber flecks.
She is roleplayed by 4pinkbear and is a member of DawnClan and of the 3rd Generation Prophecy.


Whisperkit was supposedly born to Shadefrost and Bubbleflight, but is actually the daughter of Lavenderheart and Ironstar. Shadefrost cares for the growing she-kit as if she were her own, and loves her as much as her other kits. She has 3 littermates: Toadkit, Mistkit, and Honeykit.

She and Honeykit are seen chasing eachother only minutes after birth.

They become apprentices, the 3 of them do. Whisperpaw teases Claypaw, an older apprentice.

Whisperpaw follows Lavenderheart and Phoenixfeather, and discovers that Lavenderheart is her and Honeypaw's true mother, not Shadefrost. She hides from them in fear.

Lavenderheart finds out that Whisperpaw knows.

When they all get to the mountains, a mysterious cat named Blot appears after Willowkit is re-formed into Willowstorm. Whisperpaw growls and unsheaths her claws in warning to stay away from her family.

When Shat appears, Lavenderheart tells Whisperpaw to lie if he asks about her heritage. Whisperpaw agrees to do it, for the sake of her adopted family and Phoenixfeather's family.

Shat attacks Mistpaw, enraging Whisperpaw, who turns into a wolf temporarily to attack. Shat, covered in wounds, disappears into the night.

Her father, Ironstar, is re-formed into Ironjaw. Whisperpaw knows it's her father.

Whisperpaw is captured by Shat as being temporarily possessed by Silent Whisperpaw.

She later recieves her name with her siblings while trapped in a big, sludge-bubble caused by Bladeshark's appearance. She names herself after her foster mother, Shadefrost.

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