Cat made by Cotton for BriarClan


White tom with blue eyes, blind.


Whitefalcon was born as Whitekit in BriarClan as the only son of Mistystar and an unknown tom. Whitefalcon was born with two sisters Silverkit(lake) and Ravenkit(light). He is first seen in roleplay when he goes to talk to Windpool, a Warrior of BriarClan, they talk for a moment and then she asks him what it's like to be blind. He can't find the words to describe the pitch black, soul-sucking darkness that he has to face everyday, so he simply says "dark". Windpool asks later if he wants to go hunting with her to which he replies that he's blind and she says he can just walk with her. Once they are away from camp, Windpool tries to get Whitefalcon to hunt, but he snaps at her saying that everyone just wants to help, but they never can and he storms away back to camp, wondering why everyone just wants to help so bad.


  • Whitefalcon has a crush on Windpool
  • He was not always blind
  • He wants a mate and kits
  • Whitefalcon may or may not live to see the end of the Fallen Empire



Mistystar, living, Old Leader of BriarClan


Unknown tom, unknown


Silverlake, living, Warrior of BriarClan

Ravenlight, living, Medicine Cat of BriarClan




None yet.


None yet.


None yet.

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