Whitepaw is a small, muscular, handsome, fluffy, long-haired, broad-shouldered, slender, friendly, sweet, kind, gentle, long-legged, soft-furred, thick-pelted, pale gray tabby tom with large, pointed, tufted white ears, white paws, tail tip, and splash on his muzzle, black speckles dotting his face, a dark brown tabby leg, and clear, calm, soft, brilliant green eyes.

He is an apprentice in DawnClan. His mentor is Kuroblade.

He is a member of The 3rd Generation Prophecy. His powers are to protect anything in a force field of white electrical energy, to control the weather, and to control a cat's mind.


Whitekit is born to Fushigiheart and Phantomsoul with three siblings: Cherrykit, Aquakit, and Goldenkit. He is friendly yet quiet one of the litter.

He is later introduced to Miku by Cherrykit.

He becomes an apprentice. His mentor becomes Kuroblade.


Whitepaw is a friendly, kind, sweet cat. He always wants to do anything for his friends, even if he's killed in the process.



Fushigiheart - Living


Phantomsoul - Living, member of WingClan


Cherrypaw - Living

Aquapaw - Living, member of WingClan

Goldenpaw - Living, member of WingClan


Cloudchase - Living, member of CloudClan

Puresoul - Living, member of WingClan


Tigerstrike - Living, member of MysticClan

Smallspider - Living, member of WingClan


Keimeiflight - Living

Senkoulight - Living

Tallowheart - Living, member of TimeClan

Opalshine - Living, member of WingClan


Hayaifeather - Living

Chiribirch - Living

Kuroblade - Living

Buckbeak - Living, member of PearlClan

Fangstorm - Living, member of TimeClan

Mottledfire - Living, member of WingClan


Hedwig/Owlpaw - Living, member of PearlClan

Lupin/Mooneyes - Living, member of PearlClan

Twisterpaw - Living

Cottonkit - Living

Nightningalepaw - Living, member of TimeClan

Stormpaw - Living, member of TimeClan


  • His warrior name is Whiteflick

Character Pixels


Real Life Image


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