Wildwindstar is a gray she-cat with white stripes, and sky blue eyes.

She is the leader of BirdsClan.


Wildwindstar was born in a barn. Her parents abandoned her when she was born, and she was adopted by Birdclan. When she became an apprentice, her mentor was Tornclaw, he is a elder now. She became a warrior, named Wildwind. Afterwards, she got her first apprentice Shadowpaw, and then he became warrior named Shadowclaw. She ventuallye became deputy, and when the leader she was serving under dide she got her 9 lives from StarClan.

She later had Blackpelt's kits, named Bladekit, Wildkit, Tigerkit, Treekit, and Graykit.

She wants to know who her parents are and where they are.

She tells Thunderbolt, "I have four brothers and two sisters they all still live with each other at the barn."


Wildwindstar is kind to everyone in her clan. She also cares deeply about abandoned kits, and will take them into BirdsClan. She never gives up, even when her Clan loses a battle. She has four brothers River, Wind, Thunder and Shadow and to sisters Breathe and Breeze they are all loners. She is now an Aunt Wildwindstar, her sister had kits.



Blackpelt: Alive- BirdsClan

Mate of the sibling

Slip: Alive Breathe's mate

Ice: alive Shadow's mate

Light:alive loner Shade mate

Mother: Unknown

Father: Unknown


River: alive loner

Wind: alive loner

Thunder:black and ginger stripes, alive loner

Shadow: alive loner


Breathe: alive loner (Breathe's mate Slip.)

Breeze: alive loner

Shade: alive loner


Bladekit: Alive BirdsClan

Wildkit: Alive BirdsClan

Tigerkit: Alive BirdsClan

Treekit: Alive BirdsClan

Graykit: Alive BirdsClan


Black: Alive loner Breathe's kit

Daylight: Alive loner Shade's kit

Moonlight: Alive Loner Shade's kit

Icicle:alive loner Shadow's kit

Freeze: alive loner Shadow's kit

Ginger: Alive loner Breathe's kit

Flame: Alive loner Breathe's Kit

Fire: Alive loner Breathe's kit


Blacksmith: Alive loner Breathe's kit

Mouse: Alive loner Breathe's kit

Sand: Alive loner Breathe's kit

Scoot: Alive loner Breathe's kit

Sunlight: Alive loner Shade's kit

Iceing: Alive loner Shadow's kit


  • She was abandoned by her parents.
  • She was a loner and is now a leader.
  • She only remembers her brothers and sisters.

She used to be a loner.

Her sister has kits and a mate. The other mate is Breathe's.

Real life photo



"I have four brothers and two sisters, they live in the barn where I was born."

Wildwindstar telling Thunderbolt.

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