Former Leaders:

Willowstar: White and gray she-cat with bright blue eyes (Cotton)

Former Medicine Cat Apprentices:

Hawkpaw: Tortiseshell and black she-cat with pale green/yellow eyes. Jadepaw's sister. (Eagle)

Former Warriors:

Thorntooth - golden tabby tom with bracken-colored stripes, and green eyes. Banished from the clan. (Vi)

Morningpoppy: Black and white she-cat with a spotted tail and ears. Killed by a rouge(Cotton)

Fireflower: ginger tom (Cotton)

Deepsplash: silver tabby tom (Cotton)

Furtuff- a big brown tom with all the fur on his tail gone. (Meadow)

Rocktail: Brown tom with an odd grey tail and bright green eyes. (Dead)

Silverdapple - silver-and-tortoiseshell she-cat with big, blue eyes. (Vi)

Mosstail- a grey she-cat with blue eyes (Meadow)

Blackbee- a tiny black she-cat with pink eyes( Meadow)

Skyblaze: White she-cat with ginger and black spots and stripes. (Cotton)

Summereyes-tabby cat with brown eyes and a loyal personality. (Watergirl 19)

Heathersong-short dark brown fur, violet eyes. Has an optimistic personality.(Watergirl 19)

Panthertuft - black tom with dark brown spots, and big amber eyes. (Vi)

Bristlefoot - Handsome light brown tom with green eyes and black paws. Also has a scar across his face. (Dead)

Dapplenose - White she-cat with a dappled coat. (Dead)

Backpedal: Dark yellow she-cat with red eyes. (Dead)

Former Apprentices:

Jadepaw, tortiseshell and black she-cat with green eyes. Hawkpaws sister. Killed by a heart attack.(Eagle)

Jazzpaw: Ginger tom with blue eyes. (Dead)

Crystalpaw: Light blue tom with white paws and amber eyes. (Dead)

Pearlpaw: White and light grey she-cat with shiny hazel eyes. (Dead)

Firepaw: Blazing red she-cat with bright green eyes. (Dead)

Briarpaw: A black she-kit with black sleek wings. (Eagle) Opalpaw: A she-kit with white fur and bright blue eyes. Can tranform into fish, is a mind reader, has an energetic personality. (Watergirl 19)

Ripplepaw- she-cat with brown fur and deep blue eyes. Has a kind personalit. (Watergirl 19) Whitepaw - black tom with white paws, and orange eyes. (Vi)

Hazelpaw - Pretty light grey she-cat with blue eyes and white stripes. (Dead)

Coalpaw: Black tom with bright ginger back, head, tailtip and paws. (Cinder)

Beetlepaw: Blue-gray tom with blue eyes and white paws. (Cinder)

Former Kits:

Littlekit: Small black she-kit with ? eyes. 0 Moons. Killed by a rouge. (Cotton)

Tigerkit: Ginger tom with black stripes and ? eyes. 0 Moons(Cotton)

Former Elders:

Flameheart: Dark ginger tom that was once a great warrior with dull green eyes. (Cotton)

Owltail: Dark gray tabby tom with amber eyes (Cotton)

Songbird: a pretty tabby she-cat. she loves to hunt and is good at it. She never thinks before she acts though, so she is always putting her life on the line. She is sometimes impatient, but she would risk her life to help her friends or clanmates. She is sometimes to head strong. (Meadow)

Blackfur: He's a large black tom. He likes power and will do anything to get it. He does not care who he will hurt on his way to power. He is always plotting to over throw his leader. Cats may think he's crazy, with all this world domination stuff. (Meadow)

Blueheart: She’s a pretty blue-gray she-cat. She’s strong and knows what to do for her Clan. she think things out before she takes action, which can sometimes cause her to be late. She doesn't like to be rushed. (Meadow)

Snowdapple: Pure white she-cat with brown eyes.  (Cotton)

Poppycloud- a golden tabby she-cat.  (Meadow)

Grayfoot: Light gray tom with blue eyes (Cotton)

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