This cat was made by Cottonfur for WillowClan


White and gray she-cat with bright blue eyes


Willowstar was born as Willow, she was one of two she-kit born to two unknown rouges. WillowClan found her and her sister Silver (Silverwing) by a willow tree one day and took it as a sign that one day Willowkit would be Willowstar and be a great leader. Once she did become Willowstar, she treated her Clan fairly and never fought with other Clans unless it was needed. Willowstar's sister soon had seven kits Minnowkit, Dovekit, Littlekit, Tawnykit, Breezekit, Tigerkit, and Hawkkit. Not even a day after her kits were born, Jadepaw died (Her apprentice) from a heart attack. Hawkpaw (her sister) also found a hornet as a friend and said he deserves equal rights. This gets Willowstar mad and Hawkpaw and the hornet ran out of camp. Not even a few seconds later Silverwing says Littlekit has gone missing and Willowstar and Owltail go look for her, Hawkpaw and the hornet help. While they are out, a little kit named Briarkit comes and needs help. Willowstar takes her in. The hornet and Hawkpaw find Littlekit, but she is dead. Briarkit, Owltail, Hawkpaw, Willowstar, and the hornet go back to camp and Silverwing says she'll take care of Briarkit. The next morning, Willowstar is told by Silverwing that all her kits except one have opened their eyes.



Unknown Rouge


Unknown Rouge


None known


Silverwing, Living member of WillowClan






Minnowkit, Living member of WillowClan

Dovekit, Living member of WillowClan

Littlekit, Dead

Tawnykit, Living member of WillowClan

Breezekit, Living member of WillowClan


Tigerkit, Living member of WillowClan

Hawkkit, Living member of WillowClan


  • Her warrior name was Willowsky
  • She will have kits.
  • She still has all nine of her lives
  • Willowstar is looking for a mate.

Cotton's Favorite Willowstar Roleplays

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