Windpool was a cat created by Holly for BriarClan.


Windpool is a black she-cat with silver stripes and blue eyes. Her personality is described as caring, loving, determined, and creative. She is also often lost in thought. She is not the best hunter, as seen when she makes a sloppy jump for a squirrel and ends up bitten. She loves her sister Breezecloud and misses her and her broken family.


She is first seen talking to Whitefalcon, musing about BriarClan and brushing her pelt to his. Then, she confesses she likes him, and goes to her den to sleep. She is woken by a sense that something is wrong with Breezecloud, and spills her story to Whitefalcon. She then takes him hunting and tried to coax him to use his other senses to hunt, but he snaps at her and runs back to camp. She, though visibly hurt, kills a squirrel though ends up bitten. She is latest seen setting her kill on the like after walking awkwardly past Whitefalcon.


• She has a special mental connection with her sister, Breezecloud

• She has a crush on Whitefalcon

• She secretly is lonely, and wants a family

• She visits her father in his Twolegs den once a year



An unnamed Runningclan cat who was hit by a monster


An unnamed BriarClan cat who became a kittypet


Breezecloud, a Runningclan cat






None yet

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