Windrise is a muscular, intelligent, clever, fluffy, long-haired, wispy-furred, windblown, long-limbed, broad-shouldered, calm, loyal, aggressive, yet at times kind, pure, ebony-colored, acrobatic, agile, nimble, lithe, wind-loving, cold, yet nicer when you warm up to him, shady, mysterious, black tom with light silvery-gray, spiral-like streaks scattered through his windblown, wispy pelt, large, pointed, obvious ears, an ashy, silvery-gray colored tail tip, and sharp, observant, luminous, mysterious, intense, intelligent, calm, violet eyes.

He is a warrior in RisingClan.

He was a member of the 8th Generation Prophecy. His power is to create and manipulate multiple copies of himself or of others. His ability, however, is very difficult for him to use sometimes, and he can barely handle more than five or six copies at a time because it weakens him considerably.


Windkit is born to Fallendawn and Risingstar in RisingClan with three siblings, named Shadowkit, Hopekit, and Shellkit. He was shown to be especially close to Shellkit.

He is later apprenticed to Petalfox.

He, Shellpaw, and Prisonerkit notice some cats getting sick with Bloomflower, so they decide to find out about it.

They are teleported with their sick siblings to Group 935 by Willowkit.

They set out to find the cure for Bloomflower.

Unknown to them, Hopepaw dies of Bloomflower, Shadowpaw is cured but will forever speak with a British accent, and Risingstar named the four of them warriors, Shadowhope, Hopefall, Shellwater, and Windrise.

After the Bloomflower epidemic, he and the others return to RisingClan.

Windrise is a bit jealous of his siblings, as they received apprentices, but Risingstar promises him that he will mentor an apprentice soon enough.


Windrise tends to very clever and manipulative of others sometimes, though he would never dare try to deceive his siblings.

He is rather aggressive towards his enemies, and is very shady and mysterious towards others, to the point where they would call him cold.

However, when you warm up to him, he is much nicer, and this is shown heavily around his siblings.



Risingstar; Living; leader of RisingClan.


Fallendawn; Living; warrior of RisingClan.


Hopefall; Deceaced; verified StarClan member.
Shellwater; Living, warrior of RisingClan.


Shadowhope; Living; warrior of RisingClan.


Swancloud; Living; warrior of RisingClan.
Faithsnow; Living; warrior of FallenClan.
Hopeashes; Living; warrior of SpellClan.
Spellpaw; Living; apprentice in FallenClan.


Swiftflare; Living; warrior of FallenClan.
Lunarspell; Living; leader of SpellClan.
Duskkit; Living; kit in FallenClan.
Moonheart; Living; warrior of SpellClan.


Luneflower; Living; warrior of SpellClan.
Wolfnight; Living; warrior of SpellClan.
Nightheart; Livng; warrior of SpellClan.
Stardustmint; Living; warrior of SpellClan.
Trickspell; Living; warrior of SpellClan.
Featherbutterfly; Living; warrior of SpellClan.
Mistmoon; Living; warrior of SpellClan.
Heartdrift; Living; warrior of RisingClan.
Smallswan; Living; warrior of RisingClan.
Froststorm; Living; warrior of SpellClan.
Icehawk; Living; warrior of SpellClan.


Shadowstar; Living; leader of FallenClan.
Inksplash; Living; warrior of FallenClan.


Heathercloud; Living; medicine cat of FallenClan.

Distant Ancestors;

Dewspots; Deceased; verified StarClan member.
Hollygaze; Deceased; verified StarClan member.
Fuzzstorm; Deceased; verified StarClan member.
Pureheart; Deceased; verified StarClan member.
Tallslash; Deceased; verified StarClan member.
Dewshine; Deceased; verified StarClan member.
Blossomkit; Deceased; verified StarClan member.
Mysterysearch; Deceased; verified StarClan member.
Spell; Deceased; verified StarClan member.
Twilightswift; Deceased; verified StarClan member.


  • He is based off of the Kingdom Hearts character Xaldin.
  • It is possible that he might become mates with Turtledaze, but this is nowhere near confirmed.


Currently none.


Windrise Windrise in real life.

Xaldin Xaldin, the character he is based off of.

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