Wolfstar is a dark brown tom with black and silver stripes and one blue eye and one yellow eye. He is roleplayed by Phoenix.


Wolfkit was born to Bluedawn and Navythistle. Bluedawn was proud of her only son as he was apprenticed early. Bluedawn and Navythistle died a few days after Wolfpaw earned his warrior name, Wolfnight, due to rabbit poisoning. Wolfnight was devasted, but mentored many cats, and eventually became deputy and leader.

Wolfstar led his Clan into an abandoned Twoleg nest where some TimeClan cats were residing. He is pestered by some of the kits.


Wolfstar is very kind and likeable, often beind headstrong. Once he does something, he doesn't stop until he finishes it. When pestered, a more comical side of him comes out.



Bluedawn - Deceased, Residence Unknown


Navythistle - Deceased, Residence Unknown


He is based off the .hack//AI Buster character Albeiro.


  • It is unconfirmed who his mate is.

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