Wolfwillow is a big, long-furred, slender, muscular, silky-furred dark gray she-cat with white paws, muzzle, and tail tip and dark amber eyes. She has a fairly large scar that goes from her forehead down to right above her nose from the TawnyClan battle.


Wolfkit is born to Thistlestream and Whitestep with her sisters Petalkit, Dewkit, and Plumkit and her brothers Blackkit, Pebblekit, Emberkit, and Ripplekit.

She isn't seen much during roleplay, other than the badger attack that killed two other queens, and is rarely seen without her mother and siblings.

She is made an apprentice, Wolfpaw, with her mentor being Briarshade.

During the Great Tawny/Dawn Battle, her sister Petalpaw receives a death blow. Clawpaw (Clawfoot) and Snakepaw (Snakewatcher) tackle the cat who tried to kill Petalpaw. She is shown to be the most worried about her, except for her parents.

She and Petalpaw are made warriors early for their bravery in the battle, named Wolfwillow and Petalblaze.

Her remaining siblings are made warriors: Dewmist, Emberstrike, Pebblestone, Plumfire, Blackfur, and Ripplepool.

She seems to have a small crush on Mouseheart.

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