Wraithpaw is a small, skittish, long-haired, long-limbed, skinny, fluffy, intelligent, quiet, calm, observant, pure, snow-colored, 'invisible', ghostly, slightly humorous, often dubbed as crazy, misunderstood, secretive, seclusive, scarred, white she-cat with torn ears, a slight glow around her (which is because of her bright pelt), a pale gray tail tip, long, yet small claws, and intelligent, pupilless, bright, luminous, scarred silver eyes.

She is an apprentice in HillClan, and her mentor is Goldmist.


Wraithkit was born to Freezewinter and an unknown loner in HillClan with no siblings.

When she was three moons old, her mother was killed by a fox, leaving her alone. She became extremely seclusive after this.

She is later named an apprentice, Wraithpaw, and given the mentor of Goldmist.

Later, the fox that killed her mother blinded her and nearly killed her. Lucky for her, something very unusual happened: A StarClan loner, Rokusasu (later revealed to be her half-brother who died at birth; he's often refered to as Roku), basically joined with her soul, and he became a voice inside of her head.

Wraithpaw manages to recover and becomes an excellent tracker, espeicially with Roku's guidence.

She develops an odd sense of humor and begins cracking odd jokes about her blindness.


Wraithpaw is skittish toward most cats she doesn't know, but Roku will often act as her eyes and tell her if the cat seems suspicious or not.

She is extremely misunderstood, and often feels ignored. This is emphasized by the fact that she is extremely seclusive and secretive.

She will often crack weird jokes about her blindness.


Mother; Freezewinter - Deceaced, StarClan member.

Father; Unknown - Status unknown.

Half-Brother; Rokusasu/Roku - Deceaced, resides in Wraithpaw's soul.


  • Her full name is Wraithspirit



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