Xemnas is a slender, muscular, fluffy, mysterious, dark silver tom with long, ruffled, and slightly messy fur, a long, feathery plume of a tail, a small scar on his left forepaw, a jagged scar near his right eye, and sharp, intense, and slightly frighting amber-orange eyes that show no emotion.

He is the leader of The Organization.


Xemnas was born to Ansem and Alice, with a single sibling, Hope. She died after she was born, leaving Alice heartbroken. She left Ansem after that, and Ansem trained Xemnas with his friend Braig's adopted kit, Xigbar. The two became close, but Xemnas left after he turned 12 moons.

He later met a she-cat named Radiance, and the two fell in love. They later found Xigbar again, and the two formed The Organization.

Radiance later died having his kits, named Roxas and Zexion.

Depression set in for him.

When Hikari joins the loners, he falls in love.

During the Greatest Battle, he recieves a scar on his eye from Flarecloud.

Hikari later has his kits, Twilight, Breeze, Rain, Snow, Phoenix, and Lightning.

He later greets Sun as she joins the loners.

Hikari has another litter of his kits, Namine, Lexaeus, Vexen, Kin, Kenshin, and Miku.


Being the founder of The Organization, and apparently the oldest of the cats, Xemnas is truly emotionless and does not even remember what it was like to have these feelings. He doesn't feel that many emotions anymore, but he tries around Hikari.


  • He is based of the Kingdom Hearts character Xemnas.
  • He has been mistakenly discribed as a silvery-blue tom.


XemnasXemnas's real life image~

467px-Xemnas DaysXemnas as a Human/actual Xemnas~

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