Xia is a slender, soft-furred, sleek, long-haired, long-limbed, elegant, beautiful, silky-furred, music-loving, fluffy, graceful, faithful, intelligent, bright-minded, soft-featured, big-hearted, curious, glossy, friendly, outgoing, sociable, open-minded, russet-red she-cat with very slightly lighter paws, long, straight, well-groomed fur, large, pointed ears, a soft, melodic voice, soft, fluffier paws, a long, tapered, narrow, fox-like muzzle, a long, silky, plume-like, bushy, soft, sweeping, fox-like tail with a white tip, alternating red and white stripes on her hind legs, and clear, calm, brilliant, radiant, shining, bright, alert, intelligent, sharp, observant, shimmering, elegant, glowing, green eyes with waves of ocean-blue and darker green in them.

She is a member of the Organization.

She is a member of the 4th Generation Prophecy. Her powers revolve around music and sound, often in the form of sonic waves.


Xia is born to Kiri and Beryl in the Organization with three siblings, named Brigid, Leon, and Cloud, and four half-siblings (due to Thistleclaw raping Kiri), named Kisshu, Whisper, Stone, and Fog.

She opens her eyes a few hours after birth, causing Kiri to think that she is a Star Cat, as she is unusually strong, along with Brigid, even though she didn't open her's as soon as her sister's.

She is later made an apprentice of the Organization. Her mentor is Mikomi.

She is named a warrior of the Organization.

She is later raped by Scartail and gives birth to two she-kits, which she names Kagura and Maxie.


As mentioned above, her powers revolve around music and sound. A few examples of her powers are:

  • Sonic Waves - Green or blue in color if normal sounds, if music, green with blue music notes; when used, they can either soothe and heal, or violently shock a cat, among other harms
  • Singing - she sings, and she hypnotizes others with her singing
  • Instruments - A cat-friendly instument appears for her to use; it also hypnotizes cats depending on the instrument and the song

The most common type of the above are the sonic waves.


Xia is very curious and open-minded, with a deep thirst for knowledge. Her intelligence leads to the curiosity, always wanting to know more.

She is also very outgoing, daring, sociable, and friendly, and is willing to do anything for her friends and family. She will remain faithful and loyal to her friends to the end.



Scartail (formerly) ~ Living


Kagura ~ Daughter; living

Maxie ~ Daughter; living


Kiri ~ Living


Beryl ~ Living


Brigid ~ Living


Leon ~ Living

Cloud ~ Living


Whisper ~ Living


Kisshu ~ Living

Stone ~ Living

Fog ~ Living


Chloe ~ Living


Thrush ~ Living


Character Pixels;

Real Life Image;

Xia.real ~ Real Life Image

Xia ~ Human Xia/Actual Xia

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