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Leader: Holly
Deputy: Holly
Medicine Cat/Apprentice: Holly

YellowClan is the clan of energy. They are an energetic, optimistic clan that is very helpful to most clans, except if they are cross with a certain one. Their camp is in a gorgeous meadow with hundreds of wildflowers, mainly yellow ones. Tabebuia trees ring the meadow, then continue on into a grogeous forest that blooms yellow flowers in spring. They are located between Turtle River (which borders OrangeClan) and the streams and rivers bordering TealClan and a small part of GreenClan. Their main prey includes small field animals, hawks, and ducks, fish, and frogs that swim in their large lake at the center of their terriotry. Herbs are also very plentiful, especially ones found in fields and meadows. They draw energy from the sun and enjoy time laying or sleeping in the sun to restore energy and refresh their senses. These cats tend to be light colored with yellow or gold eyes. Their enemy is PurpleClan.

Owned by Holly.

RBCterritory try 2 Old

Map of the Territory


Fly high, Fly far.

Best Known for 






Wheatstar - A large, handsome light yellow tabby tom with murky yellow colored eyes. (Holly)



Medicine Cat:

Fragrancewish - Beautiful dappled calico she-cat with gold eyes and a love of experimenting with plants and flowers. (Holly)

Medicine Cat Apprentice:

Currently None 


Silverelm - A silver tabby tom with yellow eyes and long, sharp claws. Mate to Bisontrail. (Holly)

Meadowsong - A fierce, protective light brown she-cat with yellow-green eyes. (Holly)

Snowstripe - A graceful, elegant white tabby she-cat with yellow eyes and a beautiful coat. (Holly) Apprentice: Coinpaw

Whiteoak - A handsome ginger tom with yellow-green eyes, a white underbelly, and three white paws. (Holly)

Patchpetal - Cream and white tom with green eyes. (Luna)

Frostflower - White and cream she-cat with blue eyes. (Luna)

Daisyleap- Light yellow she-cat with golden eyes. (Wist)


Coinpaw - A cute, friendly white she-cat with gold eyes. (Holly)


Bisontrail - A dark brown tabby she-cat with peculiar lime-green eyes. Is thought to be a half-clan cat. Mate to Silverelm and mother to Coinpaw and Flowerkit. (Holly)

Queen's Kits:

Flowerkit - A cute, tiny, adorable, fluffy peach-and-white colored she-kit with wide, curious lime-green eyes. (Holly)


Currently None

Deceased Cats:

Currently None



Coming soon.

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