Yesterdaymelody is a small, muscular, black and white tom with whispy, long fur, scattered, barely-visible pale gray patches, large, pointed ears, and pale, bright green eyes.

He is a warrior of DawnClan.

He is a member of the 4th Generation Prophecy. His abilites are to look into, or actually take himself and others into the past, and to decipher codes and hidden messages. His abilities come with a cost, his being that when he uses his powers, he loses all sense of reason and becomes extremely paranoid. He doesn't trust anyone when his powers are being used.


Yesterdaymelody was born to Brokenmist and Greeneyes, with a single sister, named Strawberrykit. He was a quiet kit, never making trouble and he tried to keep his sister out of it.

He later was named Yesterdaypaw, and was apprenticed to Tigerfur.

Yesterdaypaw is there when Fadedpaw(kit) and Dawnwhisper come from StagClan as prisoners.

He finds a kit named Dahliakit out in the forest, and has her join the Clan.

He and his sister eventually become warriors, with him being named Yesterdaymelody.

Yesterdaymelody and his sister help Fadedwhisper escape from Morningstar.


Yesterdaymelody is a bright, simple-minded, upbeat tom who can be quite dense and unobservant at times. He rarely notices the big picture of things, and only sees small details, or facets of cat's personalities.

That part of his personality allows him to be friendly to almost anyone.


  • His name is based off of The Beatles song "Yesterday"
  • He likes Dahliathorne.
  • He and Dahliathorne will eventually become mates.

Real Life Image


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