Zoey is a black she-cat with eyes that can change from pink to blue at will, and she wears a diamond choker with a bell and a crystal heart hanging from it. She is roleplayed by Phoenix.

She is part of the The 2nd Generation Prophecy. She can foresee an enemy's movements.


Zoey is a kittypet living near Flick. She is the first out of the group of kittypets to suggest they look for Flick's sister Miley, and is ready to leave for a little while to search for the she-cat.

When she catches a whiff of a group of wild cats (the Organization), she and Thestrel head towards the mountains, most likely forgetting about Miley.

After meeting Hikari, Riku and Demyx, she and Thestrel head back to meet with the others.

Zoey and Thestrel finally find Miley, though Zoey receives a strange vision, and is suddenly unsure of where she should be.

Zoey then joins the traveling cats after Hikari convinces her, thus making her a loner, though curiously, she keeps her kittypet collar.

She eventually becomes a Star Cat.

During the battle against Darkfire, she kills Irisshade, and confesses her love for Riku. She goes with Icefeather to get help from the Tribe of the Drifting Snow and returns with reinforcements. However, Icefeather is killed and absorbed by Darkfire in the battle. Zoey eventually gives her energy to Starlitdawn and collapses. She grants the few who didn't become Star Cats the ability to transfer her power to Starlitdawn. She then sends out a telepathic message to her friends not to come near the forest.

At the end of the battle, she is seen fast asleep. She is soon seen talking with Riku. Zoey eventually goes with Hikari and Riku back home. Upon returning to the Organization's camp, she proves she is a Star Cat by first evading Xemnas's attacks, then opening a portal. She visits Thestrel and Violet and apologizes for leaving Thestrel. She then heads back to the Organization camp and learns wolves are coming. She goes with Hikari and Riku to DawnClan once more.

Zoey eventually gives birth to Riku's kits. She soon fights against the Shade Pack, then travels to the mountains with her kits to the Tribe of Drifting Snow once more and relaxes in the hot springs with the younger cats.

After the 2nd Gen. Prophecy is completed, she and her friends return home and soon meet more of the 3rd Gen. Prophecy cats. Zoey is surprised at the fact Tatteredbook is Lightningheart, Snowheart, Icewhisper and Lilyflower's mother, even more so with the fact Futureheart is their father.

She describes Nightmareheart as a rapist.

Zoey frantically helps Lavenderheart pick the lock to stop Richtofen and Tigerstar.

She later fights against the Dark Forest.

Later, Zoey returns to the Organization, much to her delight.


She is an energetic she-cat who leaps paws first into any adventure. Zoey also loves looking at the forest from her fence, and occasionally daydreams. She can also be a bit of an airhead, but she is also fiercely protective of her friends. Zoey also has been revealed to feel sympathetic for cats who do not remember their parents, as seen when she snaps at Thestrel for saying Riku was weird.

After the battle, she is still energetic, but much calmer.


A few of her powers as a Star Cat:

  • Future Sight: Foresees an enemy's movements.
  • Shade Comet: Create a ball of darkness to blast her enemies.
  • Sweet Melody: This singing ability breaks a hypnotized cat out of his/her trance.
  • Complete Understanding: Understands all animals and can speak their language.
  • Azalia Storm: Uses blue flames to destroy all in her path.
  • Telepathy: Sends a message to any desired cat(s)
  • Portal: Opens a portal to travel.



Rain - Alive


Cid - Alive


Kuro - Deceased, StarClan

Noir - Deceased, StarClan

Distant Cousin:

Sakurakit - Alive


She is based off the Tokyo Mew-Mew character Zoey (Ichigo to those who haven't seen the 4kids Dub)


  • She wants at least a brief reminder of her past, so she's keeping her collar.
  • Her ancestors were once of BloodClan.

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